Welcome! Bienvenue! Wilkommen!

If you've made it here, you might have some questions, so I'll do my best to answer them!

Are your photos real? Yes! And recent! I would never misrepresent myself in photos.

What are your rates? Check the ad you saw in your city, probably how you found me. If you can't locate it (there are so many!!) email me and ask for a link to my most recent ad or most recent ad in your city. Any discussion beyond that and I will terminate all conversation, if you inquire when we are together you will be asked to leave.

Do you have any 'friends'? Yes! I am very good friends with beautiful ladies all over the U.S and beyond, I'm also always eager to make the acquaintance of a lady you already know.

Something happened- I have to cancel- What do I do? It's always disappointing when something gets in the way of a little fun. I really prefer a full day's notice if you have to cancel, but I know emergencies happen. If it's less than 5 hours notice I request a 50% fee with respect to the time I've reserved only for you. We can make arrangements for this even if you can't come by. 

Will you travel to my city or with me? There's a very good chance! If you'd like me to visit you specifically we can arrange for special travel requests. If you'd like to know when I'm coming to your city next, check my travel page! If you'd like to invite me along as a travel companion, we will need to meet first, to ensure good chemistry for both of us. This can be as simple as a lunch meeting or as adventurous as rock climbing, I'm always game for anything!

What should I do before we meet? Make sure you have excellent hygiene, are well-rested, hydrated, in good health, and follow my instructions. That's it!




Why can't I see your face? You wouldn't want to be out at a restaurant or the opera with me and wonder if anyone recognized me, would you? It's just for your privacy and mine, I have nothing to 'hide.'

I am disabled, is that a problem? Absolutely not. Please let me know if you need any special environmental considerations such as wheelchair accessible shower or special provisions for arrival, I am happy to accommodate, and I can be quite creative in my solutions!

How much notice do you need before we meet? I am a lady, I need as much as you can possibly give me! Especially when traveling, because I tend to book fast, and prefer quality over quantity. If we haven't met before, please allow for 24 hours to verify you and set up.

Why didn't you respond to my email? I only respond to polite, kind, and appropriate messages. Please review your message to see if there was anything that should have been saved to be shared in person, or perhaps some info I need that you forgot. Please verify you have included your name, city, contact info, current independent ladies you've seen recently, and a little something about yourself to help me make sure we are a good fit.